Why everyone must blog? A backstory…

relating my story with everyone’s!


I started my first blog with WordPress in December 2011 when i was in first year of my engineering. At that time I have developed a new hobby of writing. That blog was a hit for me with more than 200 followers and 10000 hits. I kept that blog running for three years and gradually I was becoming friendly with the community which I had developed in years. It was lovely there. Soon that blog turned into a storyteller. Every character was actually depicting me. But as I had written lots of memories of my life and my new girlfriend which I had made, and as I failed to run that relationship as good as I did with my blog, so I had to close my blog as it every time freshens up my memories and I didn’t want to spread this story further…
but that blog is like a baby for me. Every time I read the posts it made me nostalgic. Now I made it private but yes I’d say blogging is a wonderful experience and everyone must try it. Not quickly but definitely you’ll start loving and knowing yourself when you will read your old posts.
with love

Author: Rahul Ranjan

This is all about writing and feeling.

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