Writing and Life

Writing is like a treasure. In order to know what’s further inside, you’ve to expend what you think the best you have…

When you write anything, try to write it in the best of your capability. Don’t preserve “the best writer in you” for a future day, which has made no promises of coming. Even if it did, there is no guarantee that it will keep its promise.


Chal aaj thora dhire chalte hai.

tere kadam jo aksar piche chut jate hai,

chal aaj unhe saath me rakhte hai.

Piche ki jo teri pukar, aaj tak na sun paya mai,

chal aaj sath me kuch kehte hai.


Aksar akele chalte-chalte,

Mai khud se puchta hun, ki kya chahta hun mai,

Piche chor aya tha jise mai,

kyu bar-bar phir mud ke dekhta hun?

Sahkth nazar aur chuppi me kho gyi hai jo muskan,

Chal use sath me dhundte hai.

Chal aaj thora dhire chalte hai.

Piche chhut jate the tere jo kadam, chal aaj unhe sath me rakhte hai.

Lay ki aabhaw me meri kavitaye,

jise likha tha na maine,

chal aaj unhe man ke pinjre se aazaad karte hai.

Ek vaada phir se karte hai, chal aaj thora dhire chalte hai.


Author: Rahul Ranjan

This is all about writing and feeling.

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