A piece of Ice-cream always adds to flavour

An extra step in life for no reason becomes priceless memories.


A few years back, I was living in Jamshedpur (TATA NAGAR) when I was preparing for engineering entrances. I was a thin guy then with little exposure to the real world as I lived in residential school till my class X.

As I especially moved there for preparing for IIT-JEE 2010 so most of the days my schedule was fixed from school to coaching, then back home for self-studies and then again next morning again to school. Though this seems boring in paper, but it wasn’t actually that boring.

As far as syllabus of class X is concerned, there is little exposure to what physics could be. So in my First class of Vikas Tank Sir (renowned teacher, Just Google and you’ll know) I was feeling like I have reached a place where physics was like filling in the blacks. I couldn’t get a word of what he was saying. At that time I realized what “A Brilliant Mind” actually is! He kept on teaching to the more than 200 students where if you have a doubt you’d need a mic to ask it. So out of a thing in me (not getting the right word for it) I couldn’t do that then. So I just attended his every class even though I was not getting anything. But I tried hard.I discussed my doubt to every next intelligent student. Fortunately, my school physics teacher came out as a blessing and picked me up as one of the student of his personal liking. I don’t know why he picked me because I was a new student there and I had hardly spoken a word in his class. But I still thank him for holding my fingers then. Since then I developed a beautiful love for physics. Slowly but now I was getting something of Vikas sir. Well, all it proved is that if you are trying hard you can do anything 🙂

Well, that’s not the end of the story. As the time passed in Jamshedpur, I also started developing a liking for the city. Yes, After spending a whole year, down headed and in fear, I finally looked at how beautiful the city was. There I started cooking and roaming, enjoying with friends. Jamshedpur was the place where I got my first girlfriend ( never worked out, can’t handle as I was too small to handle this new >friendship relationship). There I got some amazing friends and a new personality into which i was transformed. Though college life was even cooler but still they can’t be compared.

After having dinner, we would go out at 10 or 11 pm to the nearby medical store, which remained open till late night. There we get ice cream and there was also a pan ghumti  which made Lays and other stuffs available. Then We would just walk on the streets, talking about ourselves. We discussed our life, how we were feeling about the upcoming exams and some of the friends who were a little more outspoken discussed their previous girlfriends they had! I wondered how did they manage so long and so early. 🙂 Once, when I was in school, I started liking a girl, she was cute and very very fair. Actually, many times I gathered courage to tell her about my feelings but I was afraid to do so. I was wondering what I would say to my mother as she had cute spaces between her teeth 🙂

So this is something a childish love is. Today I feel that at that time when we choose a girl or a boy, we make an unselfish choice out of our liking. What we do today is entirely different.

Well, thanks for reading this much. What I want to tell from this is what we do for ourselves, makes our living. But what we do out of love and as a hobby or what we do without any hopes for profit-loss makes memories.

I have forgotten what I studied then. I have also forgotten many things which I have studies in engineering. But what is still there in my mind, still fresh, is what I have done apart from studies.

Therefore, I said, A piece of Icecream adds to the taste. We may forget what we ate, but we never forget this icecream.

thank you.